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Friday, October 26, 2007

Cookies in a cup!?

I'm on a tea kick lately and my new favorite (bumping pomegranate redbush out of first place) is Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. Seriously, people, it tastes like a liquid cookie. Add a dash of cinnamon and a splash of almond or soy milk and you're all set. But its seasonal only, so I'm stocking up. They also have a gingerbread one, which might be seriously dangerous. I know, I know, bag teas are out...but who can resist cookie tea?

Other teas I am drinking:
CS Moroccan Pomegranate Red
CS Peach African Honeybush
Twinnings Lemon Ginger
Stash Raspberry
Rishi Blueberry Rooibus (yes, finally, a looseleaf tea!)



At 8:31 AM, Blogger Celine said...

oh goodness. now I am dying to try this one!


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