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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer Greens and Fruit Salad

i need a digital camera.

The other night, since it was so Bleeping hot, we had a little air conditioned picnic in the bedroom. Part of this consisted of a store-bought veggie lasagna, but also a farmer's market special salad...with a few extras in the way of imported, yet still organic, fruits.

Summer Greens and Fruit Salad

4 cups mixed baby greens
1 banana, sliced
1/2 of a nectarine, sliced
6 large fresh strawberries, halved and sliced
1 large handful of almonds
1 large handful of cashews
1 large handful of dried cranberries
1 meduim handful sunflower seeds or pepitos
5-6 large basil leaves or 7-8 mint leaves, chopped into strips
1/4 c balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp sugar, honey or other sweetener
1 tsp seasoning salt (i used Penzyse's Northwood's Seasoning)
Mix greens, fruits and nuts/seeds together in a large bowl. Blend remaining ingredients together and pour over top of salad. Toss gently to coat, then serve.
I wish we had had some other fruits, maybe blueberries or raspberries, but hopefully later in the summer. The greens were from a local organic farmer, as were the strawberries. the banana and nectarine were from the grocery store. The herbs were from the windowsill, after I spluged and bought some basil, sage, rosemary and lemon thyme plants at the farmer's market a few weeks ago. There just isn't much better than balsamic vinegar over fruit, in my opinion.


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