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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Cookie ExtravaGANZA

Happy Holidays everyone! Katie had very ambitious plans this year for holiday cookie distribution, so it feels like we spent all of the past week baking and the kitchen is STILL a mess, even though Christmas is past. There were a variety of dietary needs considered for various batches of cookies, so we had gluten-free vegan low-or-no-added-fat cookies, wheat-free low-fat vegan cookies, "wheaty," full-fat vegan cookies and "regular" non-vegan, wheat-flour, full-fat cookies going out to a various people at various times in various places...and of course, many of them staying here and being consumed by us in far too copious quantities. But I'll spare you the non-vegan cookies, since this is supposedly a vegan blog. There is a lack of real recipes here, since they are all simply veganized and/or de-wheated and/or de-fatted versions of existing recipes.

First, some spelt gingerbread peoples and stars (no recipe here, just Betty Crocker's recipe veganized and wheat flour replaced with spelt flour).

Then some Banana Oat Drops:

The recipe is modified from this one, but the oil in the recipe replaced with mashed banana and then some more banana thrown in to replace the chocolate chips and make the whole thing more, well, banana-y.

Gluten free Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip cookies

Based on this recipe, but veganized with a flax egg and soy milk and the regular flours subbed out with my favorite gluten-free flour blend....and I upped the spices a bit but I'm not sure by how much...til it tasted good...

Vegan Spritz (not gluten- or wheat-free)

Katie made these and I'm not sure of the recipe she used, but aren't they pretty!?

Vegan GF Snickerdoodles

These were awfully pretty and very tasty when they first came out of the oven...but got really weird after they cooled. Still edible, but the recipe needs a lot of tweaking before it is shared with the public....

Dreena Burton's Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies, made with all spelt flour.

There are some here (on top) with applesauce subbed out for all of the oil and some (on the bottom) with 1 tbsp oil and 3 tbsp applesauce. The one with the oil were better but the ones without were awesome too. I love this recipe!

Then Dreena Burton's Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

These are with no oil, but I made some with the oil and they didn't really taste any different. Again, very tasty recipe and already wheat-free, yay!

Here's a picture of the vegan cookie basket Katie brought into work, with everything but the gingerbread and banana cookies making an appearance here:

This post is making me crave cookies again and I had WAY too much sugar yesterday, so the rest of the Christmas food blogging will have to wait until later.


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